What Kind of Singer Are You?

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I am in the midsts of preparing for my trip to Riga, Latvia. I am a bit nervous (new band, new old material, long assed lay over in Stockholm, my thighs squeezed into a airplane seat) but ready to face what lies ahead – a brand new adventure. Ready or not, here I come!

I got an emailed list of interview questions from a Latvian musician. He wanted to post it on his band’s web site or something like that but it struck me how much he did not know about me. It’s not his fault of course. No one knows me in the Baltics. But one of his questions made me think back on a time when certain people had trouble with what I sang. I have never played by the rules when it comes to singing. People put you into a box – a blues box, a jazz box, a hip hop or rock box. I have sung big band, rock, blues, R & B, disco, House, Hip Hop, reggae, show tunes, jazz, country, opera, cabaret, pop and Gospel – I was raised in the church.

In Riga, I am singing at a Blues club. I have put together – with the exception of a few numbers – a Blues set.

His questions were based on me being a “Blues singer.”
For example, he asked:
The first track on your website’s player is “I’ll Survive”. A bit… unusual selection/choice for Blues Diva, isn’t it? :)
Why did you decide to make a cover of this song?

I thought to myself: Boy do you have the wrong number!

I don’t know, a song about heartache and triumphing over that heartache – sounds like the Blues to me! Haha. I guess I’ll have to explain myself.

I have always looked at songs as stories and I interpret them from the character’s point of view. (according to the lyrics) I pick the stories that move me – regardless of the genre – and my band can play anything really well. And, after all this time I am pretty good at knowing when a song will work for me. I sing whatever I want because, well … I can.

On the other hand: Fuck it!

You can call me a Blues Singer, Jazz Singer, R&B singer, Cabaret singer – whatever – just Call Me!

Stay tuned for my Riga adventures!

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