The New President.

The thing is: Trump can’t save them. There is no real going back. The fear that drove many to vote for this man is based in truth. The world has changed. People have opened their hearts and minds and welcomed a Global community. Technology has changed the way the economy works and has left many in the economic dust. The election of our first African American president woke the beast, His reelection set the beast on his feet and Trump gave him the ability to walk again. Was this not the country that once sanctioned slavery? Was this not the country that denied – by law -the freedom of women and minorities? This is not a setback. It’s a cycle. It’s a backlash, but in the end, this election has set afire to our commitment to justice, kindness and empathy. We will fight for what is right and win again as soon as we get over this shock. But honestly, I am not totally shocked. I recognized some of those people in the Trump rallies. They were the same spirits that enslaved my ancestors. They were the same spirits that wore hoods, burned crosses and terrorized my mother in her childhood. I will not despair. I will count on all of us – the people of goodwill – to be alert and be willing to fight – not amongst ourselves but for the cause of peace, empathy, goodwill and justice. No more complacency during this presidency. We have four years to get it together. We know the drill. Let’s see what this fool is really going to do.

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