The Knee Chronicles: Wait & See & T.C.O.B.

I had an “Arthritis Flare.” It was my very first and it was awful, horrible, debilitating and sudden, like BAM! I have been dealing with knee pain for awhile now but nothing like this.

This experience taught me a lot. Shit happens to the body and I can neither control it, nor will it away. I am getting old. And my weight does not help anything. I also learned that there are a lot of us knee pain sufferers out there. I was amazed at the number of folks offering their own story of knee pain hell and the avoidance of dealing with it. I thought it was just me!

I think back about my parents, especially my dad, whose knees would swell up so badly that all he could do was sit in his recliner. I understand why now, especially after spending weeks in my bed and on the couch. I had to baby my knee and I had to be proactive about making it better. I had shows to perform and I didn’t want to do them all seated in a chair.

So, I went to an orthopedic physician who gave me a shot of Kenalog – a steroid super anti -inflammatory pain relieving miracle. And though I have been pain free for a few days now, I am still afraid to venture out without my cane or an escape plan. I never want to experience another evening like I had a couple weeks ago, stranded in pain unable to walk home or even get into a car.

I don’t walk any further than necessary and I have been icing the knee and taking a strong pain med. I have slight twinges in my knee but nothing like I felt before. I am still not confident that this (being pain-free) is going to last or for how long.

I stood while singing last night for the first time this month. I didn’t do any dancing or prancing and though my knee did get sore and tired, I suffered no acute pain. I came home and iced it right away. However, today it still feels a tiny bit sore. I know I have to take it easy and stay off of it after any prolonged exertion – at least for awhile. That’s the thing with Arthritis – you never know when it’s gonna rear it’s ugly head and leave you temporarily debilitated.

One thing I do know is this: excess weight aggravates the situation, so does inactivity. I can do something about that. It’s time to take care of business. It is time to take care of myself. Cause this ain’t cute.

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