The Joy of Writing in Cafes

is definitely the people watching. I sit here as people, sometimes alone, often in groups enter the cafe either confidently like regulars or tentatively as though they are waiting for an armed booby trap to spring. I definitely see the value of hosts to greet and seat people.

Sometimes groups of friends are so different from each other you can’t help but wonder who is the true representation of the wardrobe they wear. Is the girl in tie dye and peasant dress really a bohemian or is her preppy companion a hippie at heart – or was a hippie in college?

Now granted the vibe of this place is a tad to the Left. There is a giant photograph of President Obama prominently displayed and there is absolutely no trace of formality to the place. The patrons are fascinating: a Transgender, hippies, a table of utility company workers in steel toe boots, two-tops with young women in various stages of eclectic fashion, a party of seven middle aged public radio types who are discussing the budget of the women’s shelter they fund (did I mention that besides people watching there also exists the joy of eavesdropping?) and two of the most attractive young men I’ve ever seen that weren’t on a big screen. There’s the beautiful sixty-something woman with dark exotic features, with a blunt angled buzz haircut which attempts to neutralize her Sophia Loren sensual good looks, which it does from every angle except head-on. Sorry Lady, you’re gorgeous! There’s the white haired old guy in khaki pants wearing what are most definitely $700 Gucci loafers. Is he some retired rich guy? Did he buy the shoes years ago before he retired? Were they the lucky find at a thrift store?

And I have to wonder what they might make of me. The solo heavyset African American woman at her laptop feverishly typing with manicured nails polished cobalt blue, stopping, looking around, smiling and pounding coffee. I’m half diva (coiffed eyebrows, hair, nails) half rolled outta bed (sandals, wrinkled blouse, genie pants) and completely bejeweled (handcrafted necklace, rings, bangle & ear rings) Would they guess singer? Lipstick lesbian? Writer?

So goes my day.

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