The Amazing Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Back at it.

Missing In Action. That’s what they’ll say about me at the gym. I have fallen off the wagon. Oops! I wish I could blame it on “The Knee Chronicles” but I hopped off the ole’ girl awhile before that. However, I am not discouraged. I figure as long as I am still living, I can improve my life. Taking care of myself, eating healthy and being fit is a goal that I am not about to abandon. I have adapted a new attitude. I woke up today and decided that I would pick up where I left off and start again. It’s as simple as that. I am realistic. I have to lose weight. I am obese and with that comes negative consequences for my health, my knees, my self esteem and my wardrobe.

And so the journey continues.

One step, one bite, one choice at a time.

I hope some of you will join me!

In the meantime, watch these videos. Ernestine Shepherd is a 74 year old bodybuilder and health advocate who says: “It’s never too late to get fit!” Very inspirational!

Ernestine has made it her mission to encourage all of us to live a healthy lifestyle to battle obesity.

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