The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Showing Up Is Half The Battle

I didn’t think about it. I knew I had to go. Even as the pain in my back and knee hampered my every move in bed, I got up slowly, cautiously. I thought to myself:

“How the Hell am I going to the gym? I can’t even go to the toilet!”

In the old days, I would have cancelled this session and stayed in bed all day.

Still I had an appointment with Trainer Jeremy and I said to myself:

“One day my pain may keep me from it, but not this pain, not this day!”

The folks at the Spa at Trump Chicago reception desk looked up at me with concern as I slowly hobbled past them to the locker room. As usual I have the locker room to myself so no one sees my slow labored movements. I know I look far worse than I feel as some of the pain has lessened since I got up this morning. This gives me hope that the work out will help even more.

Trainer Jeremy sees me coming and as always I can see him noting my gait and posture. Usually he is smiling with encouragement when I do my arthritic version of a breezy skip into the gym. But today his brow was furrowed with concern.

“How ya feeling today?”

“Not good today, not good.”

And we get to work. I can almost hear Jeremy’s mind working as he modifies his workout plan for me today.

He works me hard but we do nothing that impacts my back. I am seated for most exercises. Then we move to the studio for core work and stretching on a mat on the floor. We do this alone with dimmed lights so we can blast Hip Hop and Rock n Roll and Country music and so I can have some privacy as I do crunches and leg lifts in my shorts.

Then he tells me to lay on my stomach as he leaves the room. He returns with a long thick solid cylinder. He kneels on the ground beside me and applies his full body weight upon the cylinder as he rolls it up and down my poor aching back to stretch it out.

This brings such relief that I am almost brought to tears.

I apologize to Jeremy for being so wimpy today.

“You came and that’s all that matters.”

And you know what? He’s right!

Sometimes showing up is half the battle.

As for my back – it feels much better.

Water fitness on Friday!

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