The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Results and Gratitude.

312.2 LBS

How could this be? I weighed 324.8 pounds three weeks ago. I sat on the floor and looked at my weight scale. I turned it over, checked the new battery, calibrated it per the instructions. I cautiously step back on the scale and there it is again. Like Magic. I am shocked, pleased and mostly suspicious. It’s like some result from The Biggest Loser show. I used to watch that show and marvel at the beastly trainers as they ladled out the expected weight loss for the contestants:

Next week you must lose four pounds.

So I know that it is possible to lose four pounds a week without dying but the workout regimen and diet was pretty stringent. I have embarked on a fitness regimen of my own thanks to the thoughtful and generous gift of a dear friend. I have been working very hard at my sessions with boxing, weights, numerous stretching and movement and my food intake has changed dramatically. Gone are the nightly 3k calorie filled binges. I have been practicing my mantra daily: moderation and consideration. But the true Litmus Test was my performance last night in which I never hit the wall of exhaustion that I have experienced for the past six years and the last three in particular. I knew results would appear, I knew that my body was responding to this newly generated energy but I never expected this weight loss.

Back in the day (2002-2005) I worked out religiously and I had a trainer. I definitely challenged myself and I would sweat like crazy but I acknowledge that the challenges presented by my trainer Jeremy Aniciete at Trump are different, more work and not as leisurely as the work outs I did on my own. The routines and movements that he demands are on a different level than what I had done previously.

I am weeping as I write this.

I am so grateful.

I stand in wonder at the Human body. I am amazed at my own body and how well it is responding to this new change. Unlike any other machine or system, the Human body gets better with more work. The more you do, the more you can do.

I knew that I could get back to fitness. I had done it before but I could never get the motivation to start again. I have a dear friend named Felice Kirschbaum Schlessinger who is a major fitness advocate and fitness trainer in her own right.
Contact her:
She has been urging me on for years and when she started her business, she sent me a training program to start on my own until I made the appointment to work with her. But I never did the work and I never made the appointment.

It took the sincere and brutal statement from my friend Fred, who at 80+ years works out every day:

Lynne, if you don’t start getting fit and lose weight you are going to die. I love you. I want you to LIVE!

The tears are flowing again.

“If you promise to stick to a program of strength and fitness, I will pay for it! …”

I have made the promise and I am sticking to it.

This work will affect so many aspects of my life. The energy I have gained from these past several sessions is reverberating throughout my professional life, my dreams, my self esteem and my health. I am writing my play with a determination that I’ve never felt before. I can already see the positive effects on my performing life.

I have been given a wonderful gift. I have been given a gift of love from a very dear man who sees my potential and has made it possible – to borrow his favorite quote – to be the best that I can be.

I feel like I went to Church this morning.

P. S. I just want to acknowledge the great outpouring of support I have received on social media – namely Facebook – from friends and acquaintances and folks that I have never met. I am not alone on this journey. I am buoyed by the support and love of others.

Let the Church say AMEN.

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