The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: In the Groove, Feeling the Positive Effects of Moving My Body.

I’m in the groove.

Six weeks of fitness and there’s no sign of me stopping yet. I have been hauling my ass to The Spa at Trump every week, for one hour, three times a week of intense fitness training – intense for a fat broad who hadn’t moved her keister in about six years! And I am accountable to my giver of this great gift and the 3000+ Facebook followers who have been tracking my progress. At first I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I thought:
1. Who Cares?
2. I didn’t want to be one of those people who announced their daily work out. How annoying!
3. If I quit no one would know.

But after I got started, I realized how momentous this lifestyle change was going to be and so I decided to announce my commitment to this new activity and document my progress. It has changed my life so much already. I have energy, I can feel my strength growing – especially in my upper body. And now that my knee pain has returned, I can really see how the work I have done has really helped me. It’s not that my pain has gone away but my attitude has changed. I don’t give in to it. I’m not afraid to actually use my knees. I keep moving. I keep icing and using my larger muscle groups to help when I apply weight to my knees when standing or walking. And it’s always better. It never stays with me.

But it’s not just about my knees. I feel stronger. My posture is better. I walk with a renewed sense of purpose: abs activated, back straight, shoulders back. And my energy has shot through the roof – especially during performing. I feel myself wanting to do more on stage like in the old days. And I am not exhausted afterwards. I still get fatigued but not that need-to-rest-for-two-days-dead-tired. It has given me the desire and the ability to sing more and engage the audience in a physical way by dancing and moving. This was my forte, my “thing” and due to my years of obesity, pain and sedentary lifestyle I just couldn’t do it like I used to.

No More.

And I’m just getting started!

Of course, I still worry that I might just stop, but that is a small fear. As of right now, this moment, I am too excited to see what the future holds. My next priority is to control my cheating with the food thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have cut down on my food intake in a major way. I am making good choices. And I am proud of that fact. But I can do better and I will. I am no longer beating myself up. I am allowing myself the joy of a good meal, a snack, some indulging – but I know who I am and I know how I can binge so I just have to watch it and monitor myself.

I stick to my mantra:

Moderation and consideration.

It’s interesting how being physical and doing these training sessions with Jeremy has actually made chronic over-indulging in food a non issue. I just don’t wanna. I don’t want to undo or jeopardize a hard day’s work with some crap food. I am just more relaxed about it. I am mindful of nutrition and I take the time to really consider my options. And if I do indulge in something like dessert, cocktails or fried foods, I don’t eat the whole thing, I get the small size and I don’t drink three-plus cocktails! Moderation. And I drink a lot of water!

Food is no longer the most important thing in my life. It doesn’t give me the most pleasure. Doing this work has taken that slot.

And folks are telling me that I am inspiring them. That pleases me!

I have also received so much support from everyone. Some folks seem overwhelmingly relieved that I am doing this, which makes me wonder:

Damn! Was everyone worried that I was killing myself?

Probably so. I know I was worried. It’s amazing how long I ignored my physical health. On the other hand, it’s amazing that I am doing something so simple that is so good for my well-being.

My life isn’t perfect. My life is not without its issues but if you ask me how I am doing, I have to tell you:

I am doing GREAT!

Boxing my way to fitness!

And you can’t beat that.

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