The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Documenting My Weight Journey for My One Woman Show.

I’ve been up for ages this morning writing the hardest piece ever for my show. It has always been the one story that I knew I had to tell yet the most difficult to complete. The topic of weight is so multifaceted for me. There are so many approaches I can take. Every time I think I’ve nailed it I find yet another level to explore. My fitness program has led to yet another approach to the telling of this story.

Do I keep the story as is with the fitness thing as a mere mention, or do I insert how this new venture in my life has changed my view on weight and weight issues? Do I flesh out that aspect of my vision or keep it as a footnote? I was going to just keep what I had (it was almost done) but now I see that to tell the truth I have to incorporate this new attitude into the piece which means a whole new set of rewrites.

That’s life – it’s always changing and when you’re writing a piece that’s autobiographical you gotta report the journey. And my weight has always been a journey that keeps evolving. It’s a challenge to document it all in one cohesive monolog but I won’t give up! It ain’t easy!

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