The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Do I Have To Go?

Good morning! I have to go to the gym. I have no choice, I have an appointment and someone who believes in me is paying for it. This is a good thing or I sure would be keeping my sorry ass in the bed this morning. It was a late night. No, I wasn’t partying! And no excuses! I have to eat a good breakfast or I get lightheaded and shit when Jeremy kicks my ass. I’m just saying.

Then I remembered my trip up the stairs Wednesday night with no pause to catch my breath. That’s why I am doing this. No excuses. NO EXCUSES!
Time to get fit and strong!

P.S. Just had a great conversation with a dear friend whose spirit and cheer energized me! She has offered to make me a low-calorie, low fat and healthy bunch of food for a week! Am I blessed or what? Today’s session is for Fred and for Rita and for me of course!

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