The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – The Reboot! My Trainer Got Real Today!

I knew it was coming.

Last week, Jeremy the trainer was such a nice young man, gentle and kind. Today, he was still kind as he gently kicked my butt. It felt good – even when I fantasized about flinging that weighted ring thingy into the window instead of moving it slowly “to the right side – shoulders down, relax the neck.” I kid, because I know that we are doing very basic movements, I’m just out of shape. This old body of mine is hanging in there though. I only wanted to stop once or twice.

But he’s clever, that Jeremy. He never shows that he’s elevating the challenge even when he slipped an additional 15 pounds on one of the machines. And being the good sport that I am, I never wavered, never complained. I think I am still in the honeymoon phase of this fitness thing. But today I saw the pain of what’s to come: this is going to be a long road and the challenges will only get bigger.

I can already see that the weight machines are my favorite. And I realize that doing weights and maintaining form is like riding a bike. I remember to keep my abs tight, keep my back straight, I know to bring my shoulders down. I am constantly aware of form and self-correct as much as possible. That is thanks to Esther Jacobson, my past trainer from ten years ago. If Jeremy offers the easier way: arms bent (easy) or straight (harder) I always go for the harder position – for now.

We work on balance. Nothing like trying to stand on one leg and kick the other to show how much you are not in control of your body. I had done two years of balancing on the BOSU back in the day and I remember initially how difficult it was to maintain balance. I had mastered that balancing on one leg and lifting the other leg thing ten years ago. Not so much today but I give it my best shot and I didn’t fall over or look too goofy.

Then there is the standing-push-up. Feet planted firmly on the ground, I lean forward and place my hands on some bar thing and lower myself into a push-up and back up. That was pretty. NOT! We interchange that bit of grace with the dreaded pivot from the hips, arms outstretched with the weighted ring thingy in my hands (I held a lighter medicine ball last week.) That movement still takes the wind out of me. It is during this movement that I daydream about flinging the damned thing out the window but I doubt I have the strength to fling it that far.

Then the Marquis De Sade (AKA Jeremy) changes it up:

“Place the weighted ring thingy (my words) at your right hip, then move it across the front of your body and up towards your left shoulder -in one sweeping motion.” I am in a partial lunge position, with one leg bent forward, one leg straight behind.

Oh, for the love of all that is Holy! Are you serious?

We finish with ab work involving all kinds of crunches and stretches on the floor. Jeremy informs me that he has added another set to my routine for all of the exercises we did today.

“Great job Lynne!”

I look around to make sure that I am not being watched as I slowly and awkwardly maneuver myself up off the floor.

I spend the next hour sipping tea on a lovely upholstered couch in the spa lounge surrounded by flickering candles, soft music and a gorgeous view of the city. Should I go for a dip in the pool? A nice steam sauna? A soak in the hydro-therapy tub? I choose to recline on one of the settees and read a magazine. They have a great selection. That is my reward for this total body work out – that and this overwhelmingly great feeling of accomplishment.

NEXT UP: Tiny sweet Kimberlee – AKA QT- Queen of Torture.

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