The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – The Reboot! My Physical Assessment and (EGADS!) My Eating Habits!

Day Two of my journey to fitness was a session with tiny Kimberlee and involved a physical assessment and a few simple questions about my eating habits. The physical assessment involved me standing on what looked like a weight scale with a pull up bar attached.

“Stand on the platform hold the bar and wait: one, two, three … PULL as hard as you can.”

The bar doesn’t actually pull up, it just measures your ability to pull up. It felt like I was trying to lift a garbage truck. There was no movement. This can’t be good.

Next came the questions about how and what I eat.
It was a very enlightening experience because the questions about food made it abundantly clear that I know what to eat, but I have a dark side – food wise. I binge. Correction: I used to binge.

Back to the questions.

Question: Do you eat mostly red meat, a mixture of red meat, poultry and fish, mostly lean meats, or poultry and fish, strictly poultry and fish?
Question: Bread – Do you eat mostly processed white breads, whole grains and white breads, strictly whole grains etc, etc
Question: Desserts – do you eat cakes, candy and pastries, mostly home baked goods, fruits and yogurts etc.

It went on and on and I found myself answering not truthfully about “what” I ate, but the way I know I “should” eat, the way I used to eat back in the healthy days. Honestly, lately, I hadn’t even considered what I was eating and its impact on my frame and weight. But I know how to eat healthy. I love healthy wholesome food. I just stopped eating it consistently. And now I will go back to that place. I was happy there. This really is a reboot.

I really started to think about my eating again – without a lecture at all. Kimberlee didn’t say a word. No judgement. She just wanted to know what she was working with. I wanted her to know that I understand the value of good nutrition. I just hadn’t actively pursued it on a consistent basis.

After my session I had a ridiculously healthy salad and fresh veggies. It was delicious and I felt great for choosing healthy foods. I can do this. I can go back to that place without becoming extreme. I did it before. Moderation and consideration is my new motto. I am taking it one meal at a time.

Next up was Water Fitness! Man, was that fun! The pool at the Trump feels like a warm bathtub – with a view of the city. I used weighted balls, did back kicks, floated, walked, lifted and lunged using only the water for resistance. And it wasn’t easy. I could feel my heart pumping. It felt good. Kimberlee had a different approach than Jeremy who I worked with yesterday. Both are wonderful, patient and smart. I totally trust them.

But I know this gentle approach will be ending one day soon as they feel out just what I am capable of … Kimberlee revels in her nickname “QT” short for “Queen of Torture” and God only knows what my physical assessment told them. I can’t wait to feel the burn. I can’t wait to build up my strength. Meanwhile I will watch what I eat, one meal at a time.

I can’t wait!!

This is exciting!

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