Taking My Life On With Baby Steps.

Baby Steps

Sometimes you just have to think positive! You have to visualize your dreams. But you also have to take the next step which is ACTION. That is my biggest issue – no action – but I’m working on it – one step at a time. I find that when I look at a project, goal or dream as an end, it overwhelms me into doing nothing, never starting, or worse: I start, get distracted and never finish. So I have decided to look at the same project, goals and dreams as a process, and lay them out in small but essential steps. I can take each step one at a time and chip away at it bit by bit, day by day. These small victories are achievable. For example: I’m not going to “lose weight and start exercising” – rather, I’m going to watch what I eat and do some cardio – today. I’m not going to “write my one woman show.” I am going to sit down and write one particular story – today. I’m not going to “Clean my house” I’m going to clean the bathroom – today. I’m going to pick up things and put them in their place as I see them. Of course this involves a lot of lists and plans but who cares! Whatever works! I’ll keep you posted.


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