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Small World, Documentary Filmmakers & Taxi Cabs

17th March 2010 | 0 Comments

Photo: “taxi” by anna kipervaser – On Look Films Sometimes something as random as the taxi you hail can open up a world of new friendship, conversation and interconnection. I got into a conversation with my cab driver – found out he was a musician (he was playing his band’s lovely music on the cab [...]

Courtesy, Cabbies, and an Idiot Girlfriend

8th December 2009 | 4 Comments

I had a wonderful cab ride with a lovely driver tonight. We chatted about life: God is good. and good manners: It’s nice to be greeted in a friendly manner rather than the fare “barking orders and addresses…” I could picture it: Driver pulls up, fare jumps in, slams door. Immediately followed by: “3416 N. [...]