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Photo Session (the first in ten years)

7th February 2017 | 0 Comments

Had a photo shoot today with the AMAZING John Gress. I was so nervous. What to bring? What to wear? Will I have enough energy to come across on film? Will I look like crap? But John is such a dear and so patient and enthusiastic- all was well. And I had a blast. Thanks [...]

The Amazing Adventures of Life Change Girl – Litmus Test: The Bagel

12th December 2009 | 4 Comments

Yep! I went to The Bagel last night for dinner and challenged myself to a eat lower fat meal for a change. My regular favorite waiter had my usual dinner order memorized: start with chicken soup which consisted of two giant baseball sized matzo balls, noodles and broth – in a cauldron. Large matzo ball [...]

Lovely Day So Far

10th December 2009 | 3 Comments

Yes, I know it’s freezing… But the sun was shining brightly and I was awake and decided to take a walk in the brisk cold air and you know what? It felt great! Lately, I have been inactive and binge eating and my house has been a total mess. And I’ve hated myself for it. [...]