I have decided to live in kindness and love today. I have witnessed words of anger, fear, intolerance and ignorance. I have been forced to reevaluate friendships based on my friends adherence to views that are diametrically opposed to my own. I try to see it from their side but I can’t help feeling shock and disappointment. I do not want to end friendships based on politics but this season is about more than public policy, it’s about Human Nature and decency. Was their bigotry some latent part of their souls that suddenly burst forth wth this past election? Was this lack of empathy and closed mindedness always there waiting for an outlet? Do they really not see the correlation?

Who knows?

“I would not open windows into men’s souls.”

I can only hold true to my beliefs and trust my open heart to feel a kinship with all of my fellow Humans and continue to fight alongside my like-minded folks… It’s a simple fact: As long as any of us suffer from the pain of oppression and loss of basic Human rights, none of us are free.

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