The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: No Girdle today!

As I prepared this morning for my noon o’clock concert I reached for the long summer gown (with sleeves) and sandals to perform in, then I looked at the support garment (girdle) that I was planning to wear under it and then I glanced at the more athletic wear (wicking fabric long shorts and loose flowing brightly colored tunic) folded neatly, alongside sneakers which give me much needed support for my knees. I thought to myself: “standing elegantly but constricted in cute flat sandals with little support, long dress and girdle” vs feeling totally free and comfortable and because of my sneaks – being able to dance and strut. I chose the latter. I haven’t danced and frolicked like that in ages. I felt free, athletic and strong. I had great energy, stamina (thanks to the fitness with Trainer Jeremy) and I felt comfortable. I know the guys were like: “What is she wearing?” but once I let loose with all the joy of total freedom of movement and solid standing – nobody said anything else except “good show!” It’s not a look for every show but Damn! It felt good to feel totally comfortable and steady on my feet. It’s not for everyone, but then I never was one for following the status quo much.

In case you are wondering: “What’s up with the girdle?” I have been wearing a girdle or some sort of support garment since I was 13. I had a mother who grew up in the 40′s and 50′s and so besides “eat your vegetables” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” there was another golden rule: “Always wear your girdle!”


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