Love and Peace. (My Thoughts after the Second Paris Attack)

It’s Sunday morning and I have nothing to complain about and much to be thankful for. Blessed Be! Love and Peace is what is important to us all. And sharing the burden of mourning for ALL who have suffered is what we should be doing.You can politicize and lay blame all you want. It serves no purpose bcause it distracts us from the truth. People are suffering and it is our duty to empathize, pray, meditate and/or chant for Love and Peace to find the troubled spirits amongst us on this planet. You might also throw a few good guidance prayers to those fools in power who must decide what kind of response they will make…retribution seems to beget retribution in all things – gang wars, terrorism, divorce. I have no answers. The extremists defy logic and all that is basic to our Humanity. However, I can hold onto the one true thing: Hope. I refuse to condemn all of Humanity to hopelessness. Hatred and power has always tripped us up. And through the ages we see that somehow – we as Humans – keep going. Hug your close ones even closer, be kind to strangers, be generous and Love, Love, Love.

On Friday night Joann Sfar published a series of cartoons on Instagram that conveyed his sadness and anger as reports emerged that at least 127 people had been killed in a string of attacks across the city.

Here is an excerpt of some of the written words of that series of cartoons which I saw on Facebook after I wrote this post.

“Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a mode of operation. Repeating ‘we are at war’ without finding the courage to name our enemies leads nowhere. Our enemies are those that love death. In various guises, they have always existed. History forgets quickly … For centuries lovers of death have tried to make us lose life’s flavour …They never succeed … Those who love. Those who love life. In the end, they’re always the ones who are rewarded… Instead of dividing, we should remember what is precious: our way of life…”
— Joann Sfar, Charlie Hebdo cartoonist.

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