I’m Still Here

I bought Shana a little kitty play cube.  She liked it right away.

I bought Shana a little kitty play cube. She liked it right away.

Gosh! It’s feels like ages since I’ve last posted! I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. I’ve just been a wee bit busy – socializing.

I also want to confess that I’ve become obsessed with the Showtime series
“The Tudors.”

Eye candy for days, and one great show!

Eye candy for days, and one great show!

I had never viewed the show before ( Season Three started last Sunday night ). But now I have watched Seasons One (On Demand) & Two (got the boxed set) – all since Saturday night! There are ten – sixty minute episodes per season.

I am a bit of an Anglophile and I am totally (I mean “totally” – in my best Valley Girl voice) smitten with the Tudor Period of the English Monarchy – especially Henry the VIII (the beast) and Elizabeth I (like most of the world)

I mean really… Prince Charles & that lot don’t have shit on these guys!

Anyhoo, this series is epic: really well done, and sexy. It is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen on the teley in ages. And it really seems to follow the historical facts. A lot of great depictions have been made about the period but the license the creators would take with the factual history was sometimes disheartening.

Plus there are tons of hot men in this show! Whoo hoo!

Therefore my blog posting has fallen rather behind. So until I catch up – which will be any day now – please enjoy these photos of Shana Punim. One photo features her very fat belly. She is a cutie. She still drives me crazy. There’s fur everywhere!!


Cute huh?

Look at the belly on Shana!

Look at the belly on Shana!

My cat is fat. Look at her belly. I’m thinking of posing in a similar position and shooting a self portrait, line the photos up, share ‘em with you all. NOT!!

We are both changing our lifestyles.

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