I Can’t Blog About That!

So, you may have wondered where I’ve been for the past few weeks.  I’ve been here having all kinds of fun and confusing times but you know what?  Thanks to Facebook  -  I can’t blog about it.  Well, I could blog about it but the characters involved are so distinct and such that I would have to change their names, occupations and height even to describe the wackness in my life right now.

What a drag!!  I must ask Web Manager Adrienne to be sure to sever the direct feed into Facebook.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about men.  What other creatures could cause such confusion and disruption in one’s life?  There haven’t been any serious relationship developments but I have encountered a fair amount of bullshit and game playing weirdness and  I must admit that it has been perplexing.  Now, I am amused.  Remember folks, I have been on love lock-down for years now.   My young adult niece has been encountering much of the same and I was sorry to tell her that it will never change.  She will always encounter goofy assed guys who don’t know what they want but will play with you for as long as YOU stick around for the game.  

You will come across the same bullshit at age 48, that you have encountered at 22 , only the men will be way better at it (the bull shit) because they will have had 20 plus years of practice which means “worse” for you.

I actually had a guy tell me he was scared of me.  Who me?  Little ole’ me?  Now, I totally subscribe to the old “He’s just not that into you” school of thought.  If a man wants you he will go for it.  I simply refuse to believe that a man will not try to be with a woman he genuinely cares for/ has the hots for.  And so I have set up a few rules to counteract any long term hovering around an indecisive or game playing male.  I won’t explore it in detail here but basically:  if you ain’t happy and feel like you are being let down by a guy, then he doesn’t really like you.  Period.  The End.   There is no:  ”I’m afraid of you because you’re so:  strong – independent – talented (my favorite)  or he’s afraid of being hurt BULLSHIT!!!”  Half the time these are just excuses that we and well meaning girlfriends create to explain away a man’s disinterest.  The key is for you to get out of such entanglements asap. There are always early signs too: a promised call never made, unexplained weirdness – as my BFF Barb always says about such signs: RUN!!!! RUN AWAY!!!

NOTE:   I sadly acknowledged that appealing to a particular male is a strong motivation for wanting to lose weight.  I am not discounting the “wanting to be healthy and in good physical shape to perform better” reason but the “I want to look great on my next date” reason seemed to work quicker.  I still haven’t fully committed to a physical regimen.

I will say this: I have had a great time.  I had never dated before but I think it must be great fun.  I mean going out to dinner or to a fun event with someone you don’t really know that well and then finding out more about them is great fun.  I know that some women have done it (dated) all of their adult lives, some since they reached puberty!  Do you know how far from my life experience that is?

I’ve had two real relationships in my life – let’s call them boyfriends –  but we never dated.  We met and then it seemed like – BAM! – we were a couple for two and a half years and then they broke my heart and dumped me. Bastards!!  No engagements – no marriage proposals, no living together, though I did have one boyfriend who wanted to live together but I didn’t want to live with him.  Couldn’t tell you why exactly but he was not “the one.”  He still broke my heart and treated me horribly at the end, which is ironic since I did not want to marry him or live with him, but his abrupt and cruel rejection of me in the end was utter destruction of my spirit for awhile.

But I am sprinting far away from my original point of this post.  I have had a few goofy stories to tell and I can’t ’cause the parties involved will read this blog and well, I don’t want to be mean spirited and embarrass them and y’all know how wicked my sense of humor can be… Ain’t that a bitch?

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