First Gig in Riga – the Corporate Party -Ladies in White

Zigis informs me that I will have a dressing room at the gig so I decide to carry my ensemble and change on site. I dress in jeans and drag it all downstairs to meet Zigis who is waiting at the Club for me to “make food” then depart for the gig which is a bit of a drive away in a resort suburb of Riga called Jurmala. Jurmala is located by the now frozen Baltic Sea. I am sure that in the Summer it is gorgeous but in the cold dark of Winter, it is just cold and dark.

The event is being held at a spa hotel. It is freezing out here! We slide into a parking space and walk carefully through the snow to the hotel entrance. We can hear joyful screaming voices and see flashing lights through the draped windows of the ballroom as we circle the parameter of the building trying to find the entrance. Then the drapes disappear and we are able to see into the room – from outside – as we can not find the right entrance. The party is for a cosmetics company called OriFlame based out of Sweden. This is their Baltics Sales Conference and tonight is the final party.

It appears that the party is filled with women and they are all dressed in white. Some of them are wearing wings.

Ahso! Theme Party!

Of course, Zigis and I go to the wrong door and stand outside watching as the screaming broads dance around the room. There’s a DJ playing dance tunes – Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” – I muse to myself that they are a bit behind the times in the hit department. We hear drummers performing. Decor, food and bars are everywhere. This is just like any well designed event in the States.

After many phone calls fom Zigis’ cell to the LBB, we are redirected through more ice and snow to an entrance on the other side of the building and I am led to my dressing room. It is huge with a clothing rack and mirror and chairs. Lovely. Zigis leaves me to it and I began to plan my strategy to win over the crowd.

The plan is that the LBB will play a set first then I play one set afterwards with them.

The ladies run to the dance floor for the LBB

The ladies run to the dance floor for the LBB

I decide to go out into the room to check out the scene. The women whisper and stare as I enter. They start pulling out there cameras and taking photos but only after I walk by. I turn around quickly and catch them like paparazzi snapping on the sly. I decide to get my Nikon out of the dressing room and start snapping photos back and that breaks the ice. Suddenly, I have crowds of women calling me over to pose at their tables and we start taking group photos together.
notice Zigis hovering in the background with water bottle...

notice Zigis hovering in the background with water bottle...

Zigis didn’t know what to do. He kept trailing me trying to offer me water, food, shelter – anything. Finally, I said:

Zigis, darling, I got this!

And I did. Me and the girls bonded, and in the middle of my set I said:

I heard there’s a strong request for “I Will Survive!” I can sing it but it’ll have to be
a cappella. Y’all cool with that? You will have to help me out and sing along. Okay?


My hand goes up in the Diva pose. I tell the girls:

Strike a Diva pose!

Hands fly up in the air, chins are raised, legs out, toes pointed..

Strike a Diva-Pose!

Strike a Diva-Pose!

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified…”

It brought the house down and me and the girls fell in love…

LBB just kicked it up behind me afterwards as I went into full Diva-Jordan-Mode: sweating, out of breath, jumping in the crowd and singing harder than I have in ages.
lat ladys me crowd
The Bitch is back and taking no prisoners!


One down, two to go. But the club gig – methinks it will be a different animal altogether…

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