Fighting Despair as We Face a Trump Presidency.

I am at a loss for words regarding today’s transition in the White House. As I face the exit of President Barack Obama and his lovely family, I am fighting the urge to fall into despair. I have heard from many friends who are dreading this new presidency with an overwhelming sense of fear and trepidation. Many refer to Trump’s presidency as “the end of the world.” We are forced to endure a “wait and see” approach to this whole deal. I keep trying to fathom a glimmer of something other than catastrophe regarding this new regime, but with each Cabinet confirmation hearing I am further horrified and my attempts at being positive get thrown out the window.

The world looked at our country with new eyes when we elected Barack Obama. I remember a conversation with a German national at an airport in Stockholm. President Obama had just been elected. He said:
This could only happen in America. It’s wonderful to witness!” I was just about to go into a rant about all the opposition he was facing, but decided to revel in the pride I felt after his compliment. I wonder what he would say now? My only consolation is that we aren’t the only country to have elected a fool to the highest office. There is that. And to be truthful, this backlash we witnessed in this past election came as no real surprise to me.

I keep trying to put myself in the other guy’s shoes, but I can not see what they see. All I see is a mean spirited, bigoted, selfish, bottom-line driven lack of empathy for Human rights, and the future of this planet. And it’s not limited to our United States of America.

Worry. So much worry.

Meanwhile, the Earth keeps spinning.

But what can we do? We must continue to be vigilant and hope – no, demand – that the press, the pundits and our good Statesmen who share our view of this country will hold this new (I can barely say it) President’s feet to the fire. We can not stop calling our representatives and we must continue this for the next four years. No more apathy. We must become activists. And we must not lose sight of our own sense of decency in the process. Fighting with each other will not help us.

I am grateful for the protests. I am grateful that as Americans we had a look at what the world could be like: full of hope, vitality, empathy and concern for the future of our planet and each other. We must hold onto this and we must not give up all hope or love for each other – not now, not ever.

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