Do Your Knees Hurt?

photo: L. Jordan

I have not done so well in the lifestyle changing department. I mean, well, I ate a big bowl of chili this evening – with a corn pancake – and cheddar cheese at my favorite tavern/restaurant in the neighborhood. YUM!!! But I did walk today as I did my errands and even though it was rainy and dreary, I had a good time. I picked up a coupla DVD’s and a magazine and shared some laughs with a few folks and well, I gotta tell ya: I had a great day.

ARTHRITIS UPDATE: Okay, me and all of my friends are discovering new and sharper pains every month. My BFF Babs was complaining about sharp knee pain this week. And I swear that everyone was limping around on Broadway today while I was running errands. Seriously!! Even the youngish guy (around 34 years) ringing the small line of customers at Borders was complaining about his knee pain today.

… always when it rains…

This was only after the woman ahead of me groaned out loud as she straightened her back after digging around in her tote bag. I don’t think she meant to groan as loudly as she did and she looked around – embarrassed.

I reassured her:

Oh honey, you should be around me when I get up out of a chair!

Someone in line behind me chimes in:

How many attempts does it take you? I usually make it after the second!

Hearty laughter by us all.

I’m about to install a pulley system above my bath tub.

Oh God, I’ve been dragging my leg like “Quasimodo” all day! This rain really aggravates my joint pain!

A spry woman in her early seventies chimed in after listening to us “whipper snappers” grouse and moan:

This is just the beginning!! Just wait! It only gets worse!

We all turned and looked at her. She was leaning on a cane. Yep! She would know. Suddenly the light mood was darkened. We took up our purchases, went our separate ways and contemplated our approaching old age, aches and pains.

Betty Davis said it best: Old age ain’t for sissies.

I went to “Fat Cat’s” and had a cocktail.

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