Choose Love. Choose Hope.

We must not let the horrors of humanity ruin us. There is so much negativity buzzing around us, so much hate and lack of empathy – yet there is more than a small bit of good still out there. We create it every time we show empathy for others. There is no sense in what has happened in Las Vegas. We must feel the shock, the horror of it. There is only the choice to pray (for non-believers, prayer can be a meditation or wish of goodwill), hope, and search for the goodness in all of us remaining as we try to keep going. We are like a herd of humanity. The predator (evil) strikes us and we scatter and run around frantically searching for safety, solace, peace and answers. Check on your loved ones, feel the pain of the loss and try to make today a good day in your own little space in the world and if you can do something to make the world at large better – do that. Do not spread more hate, discord or confusion. Choose love and empathy and remember to be thankful for the good that we’ve got. You are alive today. Start with that. Namaste. I acknowledge and honor the good in you.

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