Building Strength. Ode to my fitness trainer.

I’ve been thinking about this whole process: working out, gaining strength. The more I do, the more I can do. It’s an amazing thing to experience. As you know this isn’t my first fitness experience but working with trainer Jeremy is at a whole different level. I would NEVER push myself to the extremes that he takes me. And I think this after every workout!

He has started leading me through even harder sessions. 90 minute workouts, at least four times a week. And the growth of physical strength is astounding! I picked up a 25 lbs weight the other day to do my bicep curls. When I started back in 2015, I was using pastel colored weights that looked like they should have been in a bowl with milk!

People go nuts when they see me: “Oh my God! You look great! You’ve lost so much weight!”

But the thing is: I haven’t lost that much weight. Is it muscle? Is it toning? Is it Sculpting?

…Consistency is the key…

What I have found myself thinking is: “I have got to lose this weight! It’s getting in the way of my work.” (My Workouts) And so I have taken the next step and I watch my food intake. And I am adding more cardio into my workouts in addition to the weight lifting. My cardio work is limited because of my knees -there are very few machines I can do (no long sessions on the treadmill, stair or elliptical machines for me!) However Herr Jeremy has been most creative in combining cardio (boot camp exercises and the recumbent bike combination with weights and straps) with my weight training.

My workouts are full body with a lot of emphasis on core work and I feel its effects in my posture, in my stance, in the way I carry myself. And it has also trickled down into how I see myself in the world and in my business.

Previously, I was a big old broken down shell of myself. I had been sedentary for 10 years!
My business was sooo slow. And I was depressed and broke and pretty much dwelling in self pity. I’d lost my power.

And now all I can think about is how to rebrand and get it going again. I know the two things (ambition & strength work) are related. And I haven’t even begun to discuss what this work has done for my stamina whilst performing onstage!!! Hell, or what it’s done for me just walking up the stairs to my apartment!

It’s a wonderful thing! I am exhausted and exhilarated after each fitness session. And I can’t get enough! I plan my evenings so they won’t interfere with my workouts: “No late nights for me – I have to get up and workout with my trainer and if I’m tired the whole thing is a waste!” Isn’t that crazy? Looking back to April 2015, it is hard to believe that I would sincerely feel this way! And it’s only beginning! What’s it going to be like this time next year?

Exciting stuff!

Thanks Jeremy! Thanks Fred who makes it all possible!

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