Bricks and Mortar

And I said to him: your silence is like a wrecking ball. Then I realized that no one can knock my house down. I’ve stood tall and strong for fifty years.

I started thinking of how much damage I’ve done to myself: weight, unfulfilled promise of my talent, fear and lack of action. Sometimes I stop working on my life and just go day to day, waking and sleeping, running errands, paying bills and not much else except worrying about the past, ignoring real issues and yearning for love and acceptance. But I have love. I have acceptance. So, what the Hell is my problem?

I have to stop tearing myself down and stay upright and survive. Patch up what I can and keep it moving. Rebuild if I have to. All I have to do is start – brick by brick.

That’s what being alive is all about.

Good things are coming …

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