Best Picture Showcase 24-hour Marathon at AMC. Yep, I’m doing it.

Oh Lord. I have committed to it. I am going to attempt to watch all NINE Feature films nominated for the Best Feature Film at this year’s Academy Awards Show. Yes, I love movies. And NO I don’t know if I will be able to hang. I have been searching on line for stories to help me prepare. There are a few that offer suggestions like:
1. don’t drink soda – the sugar will make you spike then crash. (bummer)
2. don’t eat junk food. (bummer)
So I reckon alcohol is a no-no. Bummer, they make the most delightful Mango Margaritas at AMC 21.

I have done this at home from my bed many a time. I have become the Queen of TV and movie binging. Of course that’s different…
I read one blog where they said the “lifers” (who are experienced 24 hour movie marathon watchers) come in their pajamas. Tempting but … no. So I am bringing a pillow and blankie. It was noted that they do that also.

How early should I arrive? Should I bring my jammies? OY!

I am actually kinda nervous. But I will be surrounded by my fellow movie lovers and what the Hell? It’s something different. i will try to check in but I will definitely have notes from my experience.

Wish me luck!

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