Been Meaning to Write but Inexplicably Unable to Do So…

It’s been so damn long since I blogged on here that I almost forgot how to use the dang software! Good news:

I was asked again to join the cast of Tony Fitzpatrick’s final installment of the trilogy of his one man shows at Steppenwolfe Garage. The 2011 show “Stations Lost” got rave reviews and garnered a heap of praise for me as well.

This year’s show “Nickel History: Nation of Heat” is opening July 19th – August 5, 2012. The show was written (and will be performed by Tony) Ann Filmer returns as director, along with Tony’s sidekick Stan Klein and virtuoso John Rice and me – the band’s back together! Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

I have also been inspired to start writing again my damned self. I need to be doing my own freaking show at Steppenwolfe too! Hello? What the hell has been wrong with me? I will get to that later. First: I need to go get some dinner!
P.S. I’m fat as hell right now. That will change this year.

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