Baby, it’s hot out there!

The grit House afire. The Great Chicago Fire Festival.

How does one dress to perform outdoors in 90+ degree temperatures? Make-up, eyelashes, feathers, girdles …I don’t think so! Hydration is key, and nutrition (protein) – Once, I sang in the heat on an empty stomach … bad move. I got dizzy and nauseous. I kept singing but I thought I was gonna pass out. I could do that crap when I was younger and not as fat. Gosh, I remember when I was younger and I sang covered from head to toe, in long sleeves to cover my “fat arms” and a long wig in 90 degree weather! And I was probably 60 pounds lighter! Aww the foolishness of youth. Old age and the desire for comfort has me wondering how I can wear as little as possible and not have folks talk about me.. I wish I could wear my fitness clothes. I’d be so comfortable & cool.

My biggest worry about my upcoming outdoor festival performances: The heat and my stamina…but I’ve been working at the gym so I am hoping this will be the good test of how I handle both.

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