A Wonderful Man has Died.

I am sad today. A very dear man died over the weekend. He was a friend to the world of classical music, he was a reknowned expert and dealer of rare antique violins (Stradivarians & Guarneris) and stringed instruments. He loved life. He loved rock n roll. He loved my singing. We had great affection for each other. We traveled to Russia together. I am friends with his lovely daughter. I was honored to call him friend. It was because of Geoff Fushi that I had the privilege of hearing someone play a Stradivarian in an intimate setting. We were seated in the conservatory of the Ambassador’s Residence of the American Embassy in Moscow. I will never forget the sweet musical beauty of that instrument and the sounds that came from such a rare piece of artistry. I can still picture the musician as he spoke about the gift he received from the Stradivarian Society – a loan of a world class instrument. I remember his caressing the violin and referring to it as “such a violin.”

And I understood – I got it.

I sang for Geoff on a few occasions. He was a lovely, kind and brilliant man. He was an expert in his field. He was a partier. I was humbled by his admiration of my talent. We shared “the weight issue.”

I wish I had stayed in touch with him better. Reach out to everyone that you can. You just never know when the time may come …

Geoff Fushi passed away on Friday. He will be greatly missed.

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