“A Small Act”

I was deeply moved by the compelling Documentary “A Small Act” which tells the story of Kenyan Chris Mburu whose secondary education was sponsored via a monthly donation made by a Swedish woman named Hilde Back. He never met her. She simply responded to an ad announcing a Swedish scholarship program for poor kids in Kenya. Fast forward 35 years later and Mburu, now a Harvard Law Graduate, is an officer of the UN’s committee investigating global cilvil rights abuses. He has created a scholarship fund to help other children in Kenya, quite like he was helped so many years ago. He named his scholarship fund after his benefactor as her generosity led to his success and indirectly to the success of all the young people he helps in Kenya. And he wants to thank her personally. But first he must find her.

The film documents his meeting Hilde as well as the selection process for the scholarship. We are taken into the lives of three very lovely and smart children whose very future – and that of their families – depends on winning this scholarship so that they may continue their education and attain the ultimate dream – attending University. Mburu believes that education is the key out of poverty and the cycle of violence that plagues so many developing countries.

Charming and at times heartbreaking – I can not recommend this film enough. I saw it On Demand on cable. Partake and check out the Hilde Back Education Fund.

Make a donation. A small act can affect the lives of so many.

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