I Survived a Weekend of Performing in 90+ Degree Heat!

Chicago Blues Festival Photo: Jim Funk

I was worried. Real worried. But I prepared. I went to the gym, worked out with my wonderful friend and fitness trainer Jeremy, who was mindful of what I was facing. I think he was a bit concerned too – and wth good reason. I am a 55 year old obese woman with two bum knees and I was scheduled to do two days of back to back outdoor performance in the heat and a private event. But I did the work. Continue reading ›

Baby, it’s hot out there!

The grit House afire. The Great Chicago Fire Festival.

How does one dress to perform outdoors in 90+ degree temperatures? Make-up, eyelashes, feathers, girdles …I don’t think so! Hydration is key, and nutrition (protein) – Once, I sang in the heat on an empty stomach … bad move. Continue reading ›

Give In to Hope and Love.

I am so inspired and moved by people who get past the horrible headlines and just continue their work of helping others. It’s an honorable calling. The mess that we witness every day makes some of us piss and moan but it also motivates us all to care. It is easy to criticize and berate our country and everyone else, but actually there are many great souls out here. Don’t forget that and remember to count your own soul while you’re at it. We can not give in to despair or cynicism. Yes, be informed but don’t give up hope. Every movement, all change starts with the hope that things can get better. And as always, Love is the answer.

The Great Betrayal. My Right Knee (formerly known as My Good Knee)

My knee blew out and I was stranded in the cinema screaming “Help! Help Me!” for 40 minutes. Continue reading ›

Photo Session (the first in ten years)

Diva shot red boa Photo: John Gress

Had a photo shoot today with the AMAZING John Gress. I was so nervous. What to bring? What to wear? Will I have enough energy to come across on film? Will I look like crap? But John is such a dear and so patient and enthusiastic- all was well. And I had a blast. Thanks to Lovely Marcus, make-up/hair/wardrobe/BFF Brayzill Stevenson or none of this would have happened! Here’s a sample of one look. (untouched) Can’t wait to post the final images!!

Onward to new branding, new images, new everything!

“Sometimes you have to hum a Negro Spiritual to keep from killing somebody…”

“Sometimes you have to hum a Negro Spiritual to keep from killing somebody…” — Wanda Sykes. You know what I mean.


I have decided to live in kindness and love today. I have witnessed words of anger, fear, intolerance and ignorance. I have been forced to reevaluate friendships based on my friends adherence to views that are diametrically opposed to my own. I try to see it from their side but I can’t help feeling shock and disappointment. I do not want to end friendships based on politics but this season is about more than public policy, it’s about Human Nature and decency. Was their bigotry some latent part of their souls that suddenly burst forth wth this past election? Was this lack of empathy and closed mindedness always there waiting for an outlet? Do they really not see the correlation?

Who knows?

“I would not open windows into men’s souls.”

I can only hold true to my beliefs and trust my open heart to feel a kinship with all of my fellow Humans and continue to fight alongside my like-minded folks… It’s a simple fact: As long as any of us suffer from the pain of oppression and loss of basic Human rights, none of us are free.

This New Administration is Wearing Me Out! (and it’s only been a week!)

The never-ending crazy coming from Washington is driving me nuts! The collective emotions brought on by the actions of this administration is stressful: Fear, disgust, horror, anger, outrage, shock – it goes on and on. I hope that we all remain diligent and never succumb to acceptance and resignation. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Together we can weather this storm. But Lawdy, it’s exhausting and it’s only been a week!!

Fighting Despair as We Face a Trump Presidency.

I am at a loss for words regarding today’s transition in the White House. As I face the exit of President Barack Obama and his lovely family, I am fighting the urge to fall into despair. I have heard from many friends who are dreading this new presidency with an overwhelming sense of fear and trepidation. Many refer to Trump’s presidency as “the end of the world.” We are forced to endure a “wait and see” approach to this whole deal. I keep trying to fathom a glimmer of something other than catastrophe regarding this new regime, but with each Cabinet confirmation hearing I am further horrified and my attempts at being positive get thrown out the window.

The world looked at our country with new eyes when we elected Barack Obama. I remember a conversation with a German national at an airport in Stockholm. President Obama had just been elected. He said:
This could only happen in America. It’s wonderful to witness!” I was just about to go into a rant about all the opposition he was facing, but decided to revel in the pride I felt after his compliment. I wonder what he would say now? My only consolation is that we aren’t the only country to have elected a fool to the highest office. There is that. And to be truthful, this backlash we witnessed in this past election came as no real surprise to me.

I keep trying to put myself in the other guy’s shoes, Continue reading ›

Farewell Mr. President.

Wept myself into a headache. I have never felt a sense of loss and sadness like I do right now as I watch our beloved President & First Lady say farewell. But I am grateful that he will be close by. Yes we can.