Old Dreamers

This is a note to myself and others like me: underachievers, those with gifts who believe they haven’t fulfilled their potential, those who have been writing a book, play, or dissertation, making a movie, recording a CD, going to a comedy open mic, opening a restaurant, going back to school and haven’t done it yet. We know who we are. I have written about this shit for years: losing weight, writing my one woman show. And I reckon this is just another testament in a long series of promises I have been making to myself for decades. The key is to never give up the dream. The key is action. No, the key is to take action. Can I have a witness?

I am 52 years old and I have struggled with feelings of unfulfilled promise for years. But I am who I am. And I refuse to give up. Not today, because each show that fills me with joy, each effort that I make leads me closer to the goal. I reach out to all of you who feel they are too old to make it happen – as long as you are breathing and able, then it is possible to reach your dream. For every achiever, for every winner there are others drawing upon that energy. Be supportive, be truly happy for the success of others and never stop the hustle. Be positive, don’t look back and let’s make it happen one step at a time.

“We’ve come too far to give up who we are, so let’s raise the bar and our cups to stars.” – Pharrell “Get Lucky”

The Act of Forgiveness

If you really want to be closer to God – try forgiveness and understanding. Accept the fact that as Humans, we make mistakes, and the ability to forgive someone’s misstep even if it may have had devastating effects is truly a gift of the divine to a deserving person. And sometimes the person or persons may not be worthy of it but the generous heart spreads goodwill to the World in general by the act of forgiveness. The worthy will pass it forward.

Best Picture Showcase 24-hour Marathon at AMC. Yep, I’m doing it.

Oh Lord. I have committed to it. I am going to attempt to watch all NINE Feature films nominated for the Best Feature Film at this year’s Academy Awards Show. Yes, I love movies. And NO I don’t know if I will be able to hang. I have been searching on line for stories to help me prepare. There are a few that offer suggestions like:
1. don’t drink soda – the sugar will make you spike then crash. (bummer)
2. don’t eat junk food. (bummer)
So I reckon alcohol is a no-no. Bummer, they make the most delightful Mango Margaritas at AMC 21.
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On Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch is a hoot. 89 years old and still making waves. A broadway diva, TV & Movie star, cabaret and now this Documentary feature. I met her while we both performed for an event in Chicago. She was writing her one woman show. I told her I wanted to do the same. she said: “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Whatta pain in the ass!” I cried when I saw her perform her famous rendition of Sondheim’s “Lady’s Who Lunch” Of the audience (socialites from Chicago – ladies who lunch) she said: “They were tight-asses at first but I got ‘em in the end” And she did. The emcee introduced her name before the performance and the applause was polite at best, but by the time she finished they were cheering. They knew they had seen a master!

I can’t wait to see this film.

Haters are So Boring and So Obvious

Being older and wiser mostly means you have developed a thick skin. Being in show business requires this with all of the rejection and criticism you must face every day. But a recent experience just begs for reporting here on my blog. I did a very successful concert and afterwards whilst basking in the glow of a job well done, I was the recipient of a barrage of thinly veiled insults from a somewhat mousey and obviously envious young woman. It was a small matter from a person with a limited life but still … Continue reading ›

Why I love Movies.

Someone asked me why I am so passionate about film. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but this is my truth and my relationship with the movies: A great movie will transform you just by experiencing its glory and taking the ride. A movie’s glory is the way in which all of its elements make you feel. A great movie tells a story whether it’s linear or not. The story, characters, acting, shots, editing, music, special effects, costuming, direction and mood transform you. It can render you speechless, bring you to tears, make you weep or howl with laughter. Sometimes a movie is disturbing, uncomfortable, frightening or infuriating. And sometimes it just carries you along with its simplicity, stillness and truth. That is the power of Film. That is the power of Art. And the art form is always changing. I recommend that you try to see as many of the Oscar nominated films as you can. There are some real beauties in the Best Picture category, as well as the film shorts, animated and documentary shorts & feature length films. Of course there are many more that have not been nominated, but these few films are a great place to start. By the way, many a movie have saved me by changing my mood and taking me away when my head was full of chaos or my heart was heavy. They don’t call it “movie magic” for nothing! Partake and enjoy!

Performing for the Older Crowd

I had an interesting gig yesterday. I was hired to sing at a “retirement community” in the suburbs. Cast aside all of your normal visuals of a nursing home. This was a 38-acre compound that offers five levels of care (independent homes to full care nursing) a “town square, shops, library and a performance space that seats 220+ with a state of the art sound system. Initially I was going in with just a piano and then I figured why not take in an ensemble so that I could give them a “show” and I am so glad that I did. Continue reading ›


The Universe is calling out to us all.

Be the best that you can be, practice patience and tolerance, let love rule – always, speak the truth, keep smiling, take good action, take and maintain control of our lives, be good to others but don’t be no fool, FORGIVE, let go of negativity, lighten up, Interact, step out of your comfort zone, don’t expect the worst from your fellow Human, LAUGH, dance, cry, grieve, experience silence, experience the Arts, consider History, respect Science, dare to dream, take the time to just be still (pray, meditate, be Holy) and look at the glory of this world – this planet today: the skies, the trees, water, Space – and be awed by it.

I am thrilled to be alive. Hallelujah!

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – It’s On!

I am back at it. I have had so many false starts that I refrained from posting about my latest effort to lose weight. But it’s been several weeks now and after losing 16 pounds I am formally declaring:


I am obese. I am a fat ass bitch and I’m sick of it. Folks get upset when I call myself fat. They even argue wih me:

“You’re not fat!” to which I respond: Remind me to never believe another word that comes out of your mouth again! I weigh over 300 pounds! I’m fat! face it! Continue reading ›

Daddy was a Soldier.

Daddy, proud young soldier of WWII

Daddy was a soldier in World War II and the Korean War and he was proud of that fact. Back when I thought I knew everything – I used to say “War World II was Daddy’s finest hour.” He was in Europe and a G.I. Life was an adventure. Black soldiers were considered heroes, a thing of wonder like an exotic bird – there was no segregation and no Jim Crow in European cities for a soldier. A Black man from the South could walk freely and speak with a man and look him in the eye. I believe war was different then. There was a clear enemy. There was no doubt that Hitler must be stopped. No derision nor protests back home over the righteousness of this war. I saw the photos. He was standing proudly, hoisting his rifle, smiling at the camera. There were photos with unidentified frauleins and mademoiselles in clubs. There were group shots with smiling beautiful young men in their prime, all so handsome in their uniforms, soldiers pointing at snapshots of wives and girlfriends taped on their lockers. It was all so romantic – like a movie.
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