The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Results and Gratitude.

312.2 LBS

How could this be? I weighed 324.8 pounds three weeks ago. I sat on the floor and looked at my weight scale. I turned it over, checked the new battery, calibrated it per the instructions. I cautiously step back on the scale and there it is again. Like Magic. I am shocked, pleased and mostly suspicious. It’s like some result from The Biggest Loser show. I used to watch that show and marvel at the beastly trainers as they ladled out the expected weight loss for the contestants:

Next week you must lose four pounds.

So I know that it is possible to lose four pounds a week without dying but the workout regimen and diet was pretty stringent. I have embarked on a fitness regimen of my own thanks to the thoughtful and generous gift of a dear friend. I have been working very hard at my sessions with boxing, weights, numerous stretching and movement and my food intake has changed dramatically. Gone are the nightly 3k calorie filled binges. I have been practicing my mantra daily: moderation and consideration. But the true Litmus Test was my performance last night in which I never hit the wall of exhaustion that I have experienced for the past six years and the last three in particular. I knew results would appear, I knew that my body was responding to this newly generated energy but I never expected this weight loss. Continue reading ›

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Do I Have To Go?

Good morning! I have to go to the gym. I have no choice, I have an appointment and someone who believes in me is paying for it. This is a good thing or I sure would be keeping my sorry ass in the bed this morning. It was a late night. No, I wasn’t partying! And no excuses! I have to eat a good breakfast or I get lightheaded and shit when Jeremy kicks my ass. I’m just saying.

Then I remembered my trip up the stairs Wednesday night with no pause to catch my breath. That’s why I am doing this. No excuses. NO EXCUSES!
Time to get fit and strong!

P.S. Just had a great conversation with a dear friend whose spirit and cheer energized me! She has offered to make me a low-calorie, low fat and healthy bunch of food for a week! Am I blessed or what? Today’s session is for Fred and for Rita and for me of course!

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl: Boxing, No Prisoners.

I’m taking no prisoners – mainly because I don’t have the energy after another heart-pumpin, keister-moving session with Jeremy the Trainer. I’m calling him “No-More-Mister-Nice-Guy” Jeremy because he is making me work my patootie off. He’s always smiling and ever so gentle as he pushes me to go further than I thought possible. And I’m taking baby-steps. Continue reading ›

Black Hair Matters: My journey of growing out my natural hair.

My hair brushed and neatly styled at age six

I have been on a journey with my natural hair every since I did the “Big Chop” (term for cutting off the chemically- straightened hair) of my hair when I was in my early 20′s. I have always kept it close cropped which is the look you all have seen for the past three decades. Lately, I have been growing it out and it’s more than just a length choice. It’s a commitment and has become a cultural movement.
Continue reading ›

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – The Reboot! My Trainer Got Real Today!

I knew it was coming.

Last week, Jeremy the trainer was such a nice young man, gentle and kind. Today, he was still kind as he gently kicked my butt. It felt good – even when I fantasized about flinging that weighted ring thingy into the window instead of moving it slowly “to the right side – shoulders down, relax the neck.” I kid, because I know that we are doing very basic movements, I’m just out of shape. This old body of mine is hanging in there though. I only wanted to stop once or twice. Continue reading ›

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – The Reboot! My Physical Assessment and (EGADS!) My Eating Habits!

Day Two of my journey to fitness was a session with tiny Kimberlee and involved a physical assessment and a few simple questions about my eating habits. The physical assessment involved me standing on what looked like a weight scale with a pull up bar attached.

“Stand on the platform hold the bar and wait: one, two, three … PULL as hard as you can.”

The bar doesn’t actually pull up, it just measures your ability to pull up. It felt like I was trying to lift a garbage truck. There was no movement. This can’t be good.

Next came the questions about how and what I eat.
It was a very enlightening experience because the questions about food made it abundantly clear that I know what to eat, but I have a dark side – food wise. I binge. Correction: I used to binge. Continue reading ›

The Adventures of Permanent Lifestyle Change Girl – The Reboot!

Well, I’m back to it again. I have officially decided to get healthy. Only this time I’m getting help and I am accountable to someone. Today marked my first session with a trainer and a fitness team. It all started in February while visiting my dear friends in Colorado. My friend is 83 years old and works out every day, still works, plays golf and skis. He’s strong and fit. And I don’t mean fit for an 80 year old. I mean fit. He’s like a father to me and with that loving role comes brutal honesty:
“Lynne, you’re gonna die if you don’t get physically fit and strong.”

Oy! But I couldn’t argue with him. I was feeling so unhealthy. My knees were constantly burning with pain as I tried to maneuver my bulk around. I had all but lost the ability to move with grace. And I can’t remember the last time I was able to bend over to paint my toenails without nearly asphyxiating myself!! I was out of breath with the slightest exertion. I was a mess. Continue reading ›

Paris and a Jazz Opera: Anxiety Sets In!

Elancourt Commanderie. 12 Century Chapel next to our apartments in Gyancourt

There’s no turning back now! I am close to departure date and all in all I am in good shape though I haven’t packed yet. I have written a list and checked it twice. I have listened to this Opera so much that I hear the melodies in my head day and night. I find myself tapping out the rhythm of the songs. Luckily, I love the songs very much and have great admiration for the composer so it’s a joy actually. With each melody or song lyric I memorize comes great elation and relief. Yet I am still wracked with anxiety and worry but I always fret about traveling and packing. There are a couple details I have to take care of, a couple adapters to buy for my camera and then there is money, or rather the lack thereof. But the good thing is I am not the only one! There is a benefit to traveling with other young musicians: they tend to be broke also! Continue reading ›

Paris and a Jazz Opera: Don’t Worry, Be HaRpy!

Happy New Year! I know it’s been ages since I last wrote and to be quite honest there hasn’t been too much new to tell except I did present a staged reading of one piece from my one woman show and it was well received. The response was almost overwhelming. I performed it during a cabaret show I did in late November. Since then I have mostly been scraping by as I experience some of the toughest economic times of my life. I have been poorer in the past, but I had no bills in those days. Yet, I remain optimistic. There is a bright spot and it’s in my future. I am going to Paris to sing in a Jazz Opera. How’s that for news? Continue reading ›

Kindness, Knowledge, Empathy, Tolerance and Discourse: Healing Race Relations. It Takes Work.

Kindness, knowledge, empathy, tolerance and discourse. The recent Ferguson decision and the subsequent violence that erupted in that town has brought race relations to the forefront once again. I have witnessed some of the most ignorant assumptions and racist remarks that I have not seen since Barack Obama won the presidency. It seems that many White Americans do not understand Black Americans. And it’s almost enough to make me think that many don’t care to. But being the eternal optimist I cling to hope. There is an obvious disconnect between what people believe is good relations between the races. I think it is because some folks (on all sides) are defensive and do not engage in reasonable discourse while some non-Blacks refuse to view the history of African Americans without some feeling of persecution.

Kindness, Empathy and Tolerance. Continue reading ›